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Infused Gummy Making Kit
Infused Gummy Making Kit
Infused Gummy Making Kit
Infused Gummy Making Kit
Infused Gummy Making Kit


Infused Gummy
Making Kit


Combine active ingredients in ways you'll never experience with store bought gummies. Dial in the perfect dose.

The Kit includes one custom-designed silicone mold and three packets of gummy mix - Each packet makes 21 gummies, that's 63 gummies per Kit!

Kit does not include active ingredients. 

What to add to your gummy

Oils and Tinctures

Herb-Infused oils & tinctures are a cost effective way to get your dose. Full-spectrum and strain-specific oils & tinctures are a perfect match for Maestrodose Gummy Mix. 


Adaptogenic mushrooms are all the rage these days. A simple lemon juice mushroom extraction pairs splendidly with Maestrodose to create the perfect daily dose.


Maestrodose makes it easy to transform your favorite concentrates into mouthwatering gummies. A great way to get that macrodose gummy.


Want to make the sleep gummy of your dreams? Combine herbal tinctures with nutraceuticals like liquid melatonin to make a nigh-time gummy that hits the spot. 

Try combining multiple active ingredients into the same gummy!

Suggested uses

Mushroom Gummies  

Dial in your daily mushroom dose. Combine mushrooms with your favorite herbal extracts in the same gummy! 

Macrodose Gummies 

Fine tune your herbal dosages and combine active ingredients in ways you can't find in stores. 

Artisanal Gummies

Impress your friends (and yourself) with cocktail flavored, herb-infused gummies using your favorite top shelf tinctures. 

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Product Details

Quick Facts

Ingredients: Corn syrup solids, gelatin, natural citrus flavor, citric acid, sodium citrate, sunflower lecithin

Batch count: 3

Gummies per batch: 21 (63 gummies per Kit)

Gummy volume: 5.5 mL

Silicone Gummy Mold

· Made of high-quality, food-grade silicone that is BPA-free and FDA-compliant.

· Freezer, refrigerator, and dishwasher safe with a recommended operating temperature of -40°F to 446°F (-40°C to 230°C)

· Silicone is non-stick and flexible allowing for easy release of gummies and ease of cleaning.

· Case is designed to open flat, allowing you to keep the mold in the case while pouring your gummies.

· Stackable, allowing you to safely stack multiple batches in the fridge.

· Stealthy, nondescript case design helps ensure your gummies do not attract undue attention while stored.

· Magnetic closure ensures the case stays closed while stored.

DIY Gummy Mix

· Made in the USA at an FDA-approved facility, produced according to cGMP standards, and third-party lab tested.

· Natural citrus flavor compliments the natural aromas of full-spectrum oils and tinctures, and also works with a variety of edible gummy recipes.

· Naturally uncolored, giving you the option to color-code each batch with food coloring.

· The omission of sugar enables you to use regular table sugar or substitute with another sweetener such as turbinado sugar (i.e. raw or cane sugar), maple syrup, or agave syrup.

· The inclusion of corn syrup solids adds a bit of sweetness, but most importantly, contributes to the "bounce" typically found in a store-bought gummy.

· The inclusion of sunflower lecithin ensures the proper emulsification of your favorite active ingredients.

Maestrodose Benefits

Quick and Easy

Don’t waste time hunting down ingredients or experimenting with online DIY recipes which may or may not work out. Just open a packet of gummy mix, follow our step-by-step instructions, and you are good to go — our formula and methodology are tried and tested after hundreds of iterations and test batches

Optimal Dosing

Customize your gummies with the exact potency you desire. Microdose, macrodose, or somewhere in between — it's entirely up to you.

Proper Emulsification

Our precise combination of emulsifying agents, along with a gentle heating and stirring cycle, ensures uniform distribution of your precious actives while preserving their potency/integrity.

Ratio Fine-tuning

 Experiment with combining different actives to find the exact ratios that work best for you.

Accurate Dosing

Use our handy interactive calculator to determine your exact dose per gummy and the corresponding volume of active ingredients to add to your batch.

Predetermined Dosing

With pre-measured gummy mix packets and a custom-designed gummy mold, you can always be sure that each batch will produce 21 gummies — which means you can predetermine your dose per gummy from the start.


Our gummies are shaped to be easily halved or quartered, enabling you to further dial in your dose.

Flavor Flexibility

Our gummy mix has been formulated to act as a base for a variety of infused gummy recipes, enabling you to alter the flavor profile from batch to batch.

Adult Flavors

Our cocktail-inspired recipes feature delicious adult-oriented flavors you won’t find at your local dispensary. And by the way, Maestrodose gummies make the perfect garnish for your favorite cocktails!

Superior Texture 

Many store-bought gummies and DIY recipes result in gummies that either stick to your teeth or have a less-than-desirable texture. Our mix ensures that you get a delicious, melt-in-your-mouth gummy with the perfect chew every time.

Economical & Eco-friendly

Gummies made at home are generally more affordable than gummies purchased from a dispensary, and more eco-friendly due to less packaging waste.

Creative & Fun

Making gummies at home allows you to explore your creative side and have fun in the kitchen.

Why DIY Gummies?

Optimize your dose  

Microdose, macrodose, somewhere in between? You are in control. Obtain dosages you can't find in stores.

High Quality Inputs

Many store bought gummies use low grade active ingredients. Source the top shelf, full spectrum oils and tinctures to use in your gummies. 

Fine-tune ratios

Combine active ingredients in ways that you won't find in stores. Our handy calculatorr will help you dial-in your dose. Craft your own experience!