How to Make Gummies With Oil

How to Make Edible Gummies With Oil
Turn boring oils into fun and tasty gummies!

Making gummies with oil is a great way to consume your favorite herbal supplements without inhalation. And making gummies with oil doesn’t require baking them in the oven, so it’s a great way to make edibles quickly and easily.

What is Oil?

Oil is extracted from plants. It contains a variety of compounds, including terpenes and other beneficial oils. Full-spectrum oils contain the same active ingredients as the plants, but the balance of compounds depends on the specific plants the oil comes from.

Why Make Gummies With Oil?

When it comes to consuming oil, there are several options. You can inhale it, mix it into food or drinks, or ingest it directly. However, many people prefer the convenience and taste of gummies over other methods of consumption.

Oil Gummy Recipe

1. MIX

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Combine Maestrodose DIY Gummy Mix, liquid ingredients (per recipe), and your oil in a heat-resistant container and whisk thoroughly.


HEAT icon

Heat and stir for 8 minutes, adding sugar at the 1-minute mark.


POUR icon

Fill each chamber of the gummy mold to the first shelf, then top up with the remaining mix.

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More than a gummy-making kit, Maestrodose is an edible gummy system designed to be easy-to-use and customizable.

Edible Gummy Making Kit

Our Kit

Our formula and methodology are tried and tested after hundreds of test batches.

Dose Calculator

Your Actives

Source your own oil and use our calculator to deliver the dose per edible that’s ideal for you.

Edible Gummy Recipes

Our Recipes

Reference our library of edible gummy recipes to alter the flavor profile of each batch.


Our citrus-flavored gummy mix acts as the foundation for various recipes — simply combine with water and sugar, or try other ingredients to alter the flavor profile of each batch:

Frequently Asked Questions

What kitchen equipment do I need?

Just a few common kitchen tools are required to prepare a batch of edible gummies:

What is the maximum volume of oil I can add to a batch of gummies?

We recommend a maximum of 21 mL per batch — that's 1 mL per gummy — otherwise your gummies may not set properly.

Can I add multiple oils to one batch of edible gummies?

Yes, as long as the total volume does not exceed 21 mL per batch.

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