Use our interactive calculator to determine your dose per gummy and the corresponding volume of active ingredients to add to your batch.

Maestrodose calculator

Active A

Potency mg/mL

Dose mg/gummy

Volume* mL/batch

Active B


*Add this volume of active ingredient(s) to your batch
(not to exceed 21 mL total)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the calculator?

Potency: Determining the potency/strength of your active ingredient is the crucial first step. This can typically be found on the product label. Measured in milligrams per milliliter (mg/mL).

Dose: Your desired dose of active ingredient per gummy. Measured in milligrams per gummy (mg/gummy).

Volume: Add this volume of active ingredient to your recipe/batch. Measured in milliliters per batch (mL/batch).

What is the maximum volume of active ingredients I can add to a batch of edible gummies?

We recommend a maximum of 21 mL per batch — that's 1 mL per gummy — otherwise your gummies may not set properly.

Can I add multiple active ingredients to one batch of edible gummies?

Yes, as long as the total volume of active ingredients does not exceed 21 mL per batch.

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